This Day in History - February 27

February 27

425 – Theodosius effectively founds a university in Constantinople

1531 – German Protestants form the League of Schmalkalden to resist the power of the emperor

1700 – The Pacific Island of New Britain is discovered

1776 – Commander Richard Caswell leads Patriot troops into victory over British Loyalists at the Battle of Moores Creek

1807 – American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is born

1814 – Napoleon’s Marshal Nicholas Oudinot is pushed back at Bar-Sur-Aube by the Emperor’s allied enemies shortly before his abdication

1827 – The first Mardis Gras celebration is held in New Orleans

1844 – The Dominican Republic gains independence from Haiti

1860 – Mathew Brady photographs President Abraham Lincoln

1864 – The first Union prisoners arrive at Andersonville Prison in Georgia

1865 – Confederate raider William Quantrill attacks Hickman, Kentucky, shooting women and children

1886 – US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black is born

1888 – German opera singer Lotte Lehmann is born

1891 – RCA board chair and television pioneer, David Sarnoff is born

1897 – Singer Marian Anderson is born

1897 – Great Britain agrees to US arbitration in a border dispute between Venezuela and British Guiana, recognizing the US as authority over the Western Hemisphere

1900 – The Trades Union Congress and the Independent Labour Party meet, in what will become the modern Labour Party in 1906

1902 – Novelist John Steinbeck is born

1904 – Author James T. Farrell is born

1905 – The Japanese push Russians back in Manchuria to then cross the Sha River

1908 – The forty-sixth star is added to the US flag, for Oklahoma’s admission

1910 – Writer and poetry editor Peter De Vries is born

1912 – Novelist Lawrence Durrell is born

1915 – Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Valley of Fear is published

1916 – The Austro-Hungarian army occupies Durazzo in Albania

1917 – Texas Governor John Connally is born

1920 – The US rejects a Soviet peace offer as propaganda

1922 – The Supreme Court defends the 19th Amendment, giving women voting rights

1925 – Glacier Bay National Monument is dedicated in Alaska

1930 – Actress Joanne Woodward is born

1932 – James Chadwick discovers the neutron

1932 – Actress Elizabeth Taylor is born

1933 – The burning down of the Reichstag building in Berlin gives the Nazis opportunity to suspend personal liberty with increased power

1934 – Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is born

1936 – Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Ivan Pavlov dies

1939 – The Supreme Court outlaws sit-down strikes

1942 – British Commandos raid a German radar station at Bruneval on the French coast

1942 – The US Navy’s first aircraft carrier, the Langley, is sunk by Japanese warplanes and all of its 32 aircraft are lost

1943 – The worst mining disaster in Montana’s history occurs when 74 die in an explosion at the Montana Coal and Iron Company mine

1943 – The “Rosenstrasse protest” takes place, protesting and preventing the deportation of 2000 Jews from Berlin

1951 – The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution is ratified, limiting the President to two terms

1953 – F-84 Thunderjets raid a North Korean base on the Yalu River

1962 – Ngo Dinh Diem, South Vietnamese President, is unharmed when two planes bomb the presidential palace in Saigon

1963 – The Soviet Union says that 10,000 troops will remain in Cuba

1964 – The Italian government announces that it is accepting suggestions on how to save the Leaning Tower of Pisa from collapse

1969 – Thousands of students protest President Richard Nixon’s arrival in Rome

1972 – Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai of China and President Richard Nixon issued a joint statement known as “Shanghai Communique,” trying to normalize relations between China and the US

1973 – US Supreme Court rules that a Virginia pool club can’t bar residents because of color

1973 – Sioux Native Americans, part of the American Indian Movement, occupy Wounded Knee

1988 – Debi Thomas becomes the first black to win a medal at the Winter Olympics

1989 – Nobel Prize-winning zoologist Konrad Lorenz dies

1991 – Coalition forces liberate Kuwait after seven months of occupation by the Iraqi army

1991 – Pornographers Jim Mitchell shoots his brother Artie Mitchell to death in California. He was convicted only of manslaughter as the prosecution tried to use a video based on speculation as evidence

1994 – Chinese chess player Hou Yifan is born

2002 – A Muslim mob sets fire to a train carrying Hindu pilgrims, killing 59, many of whom were women and children

2002 – Actor, singer, screenwriter and author Spike Milligan dies

2003 – Actor Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, dies

2008 – Publisher and author William F. Buckley, Jr. dies

2010 – More than 500 are killed and thousands injured in an 8.8 earthquake that strikes Chile

2011 – Soldier Frank Buckles dies

2012 – Ali Abdullah Saleh steps down as president of Yemen

2012 – Wikileaks begins disclosing five million emails from private intelligence company Stratfor

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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