Obama, Trump, and the Truth

Let's be honest: three of these four things do not, in my mind, conjure up happy thoughts.

Barack Obama has taken misinformation, redirecting, cover-ups, and outright lying ("If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor) to a whole new level.

Donald Trump did not instill confidence in me with his constant lying, such claiming Rafael Cruz was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald. Trump's use of monikers like “Low Energy Jeb,” “Little Marco,” and “Lying Ted” struck me as rather childish. In addition, Trump seemed to be on both sides of several issues. I am, therefore, more hopeful of the future than I am confident. 

The Mainstream Media (MSM)

Where should I begin? The days of journalists like Edward R. Murrow are long gone. It is clear that most major media outlets already have pre-constructed agendas. They include sharing debate questions with Hillary to ignoring stories such as the CIA gun running operation in Benghazi. The MSM lost credibility with many on both sides of this aisle and it shows in their ratings and declining market shares.

The truth has no agenda.

The only problem with the truth is when it is withheld. Truth that is selectively shared gives a result similar to a lie. In today's spoon-fed media atmosphere, is incumbent on the reader/listener to verify all information and either reward the source or hold them accountable.

In truth, the idea for my post today came from a good friend. His ideas, I believed, would go a long way towards restoring confidence in Trump the man, the office of the President, and the media.

It's no secret that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have all become quite cynical about politics, government, and the media. There is a sense that there's a coordinated effort to hide the truth and fool the people, and that no matter who is in office, nothing will change. Honestly, I believe the government, in many ways, has grown so big and unwieldy that it has a life of its own. No one person can one can make significant changes by himself or herself.

That does not, however, mean an effort should not be made.

Each department has become so massive that each is doing so more than was ever authorized by the Constitution. There has been visible corruption in the Justice Department, EPA, IRS, and more. It will take months or years to uncover all the problems, the “bad actors,” and it will be likely impossible to find every single one.

What if all of Trump’s cabinet began a deep analysis of each department and then gave a weekly report of the problems uncovered? It would be a tall order to both run the department and investigate it at the same time. Each department’s inspector general would have his or her hands full. Each week they could file a report and put it up online or call a press conference to release their findings and proposed solutions.

Imagine an honest look into “Fast and Furious,” the IRS scandals and Lois Lerner, the EPA causing the catastrophe in Colorado while destroying people’s lives for building a pond on their own land, and such, the Federal Reserve. What of the Clinton Foundation and email server? Aside from the corruption and tyrannical behavior of these agencies, what of the very existence of some?

Trump does a fairly good job of making his case when he stops the tweeting and articulates a reasonable response. Imagine if his cabinet was to make cleaning house and putting things in order a top priority and Trump used the bully pulpit to make the case for ending the waste, corruption, and excess. Of course, the progressives will scream, cry, and gnash their teeth. The media will do their best to make it all look horrible. Trump, therefore, must do like Reagan did and go straight to the people. He should make his case, and lay everything out. He should expose the media for being complicit in the corruption and cover-up. The media is to be a nonpartisan watchdog, not a willing accomplice. Call them out.

We must understand this is a tall order, especially because progressives control both parties. Getting any cooperation from Congress, especially the Senate, will be difficult at best. There are things Trump could do as president, but for most, they need to be initiated in Congress, or at least have its approval.

The days, weeks, months, and years ahead will be interesting. I can guarantee that Obama will insert himself at every attempt to “undo” any of his “accomplishments.” The dismantling of Obamacare will not be easy. Like a cancerous tumor that grows and attaches itself to vital organs, so is the cancer of Obamacare, and taking it apart and removing it will take care. With Obama and the progressives together throwing a conniption fit, upsetting and distressing people at every turn using their media pals, this will not be easy.

The case for these tasks must be built, presented, and then executed. There will be many who will never accept it, simply because there is an “R” associated with Trump. However, Trump must take the case straight to the people, and in so doing, he will also expose the media as being part of the problem. The media will be “painted into a corner,” and they will have two options: either continue their business as usual and become completely irrelevant, or clean up their act and become the guardians they were intended to be. They won’t like it, but money will drive them to at least go along.

In reality, there are commonalities between even constitutional conservatives and many younger progressives. For instance, both dislike the collusion between government, Wall Street, and large corporations. Those on the left do not understand that the free market isn't the problem, but the solution. As Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem.” Properly conveyed, this message would resonate with the youth of America that has become increasingly cynical and disillusioned.

Donald Trump could go down in history as a great president if he does, in fact, “drain the swamp” and take out the trash - in a constitutional way, of course. If he does not, and if much of his promises end up as lip service and broken promises - promises that were never even attempted - he will join the ever growing list of progressive presidents who govern as elitists rather than servants.


Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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We're here to fix the machine.

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