Woody Allen Betrays Liberals in New TV Series

Woody Allen takes on the counter-culture of the 1960s in his new TV series, where he mocks the left’s politics and highlights how dysfunctional they can be.

Allen, a filmmaker and comedian, has always presented his pernicious views of nihilism, absurdism, and moral relativism, as well as militant atheism. So, it must have surprised leftist critics when he decided to criticize liberal ethics and encourage conservative values, in his latest show “Crisis in Six Scenes.”

The show is about a politically neutral novelist, his liberal therapist wife, and the conservative son of a banker, who is living with the older couple in their suburban house. The middle-class family begins to radicalize, though, when a fugitive, played by Miley Cyrus, moves in temporarily. The criminal, who is part of a violent Marxist group, radicalizes everyone she meets, save for Allen’s character. What follows is a verbal jousting competition filled with witty banter.

After she moves in, Allen’s family is thrust into the political scene, amidst a political polarization in America, where black nationalist groups and radical communists begin to shoot cops, bomb businesses, and spark violent riots on college campuses.

Allen tries to show people how things haven’t changed since the 1960s. Even in that decade, America was rife with far-left violent protestors, fascist movements, and misguided revolutionaries. In short, people still jump on the bandwagon to join a group they know nothing about.

There are many one-liners he uses to speak on communism, such as “Your crowd thinks opium should be the opium for the people," and “I’m telling you, Fidel Castro plays baseball… when he’s not using the sports stadium to shoot people.”

This explains why leftist reviewers were practically foaming out of the mouth, attacking Allen for his depiction of the “love” generation. NPR TV critic, Eric Deggans was disappointed with Allen and said, “the writer, director, and star sends a disappointing message in a time of political upheaval.”

Allen has almost 50 films under his belt, yet he has never written anything as politically charged as this series. “Crisis in Six Scenes” concludes with an important moral lesson spoken by Allen’s character: “Beware of fanatics, no matter how just their cause seems.”






Written by Christian Montoya

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