Should We Explore Other Planets?

Since man first stepped foot on the moon, we have wanted to go even farther. We went from rockets to space shuttles and even a space center. The plan now is to go to Mars. With all of the technology we have and will have soon, we CAN go to Mars and perhaps other places but, SHOULD we? 

I say why not if we can make the trip. I believe God made the Earth for us but, that shouldn't mean we can't at least explore other places. If we are to believe God is the creator of space and everything in it, then why not explore other places he has made. 

Some things we can make we shouldn't, like weapons that kill people en masse. Those are man-made things. I am not for or against scientists on the issue of space exploration because God is the ultimate scientist. Why not explore other planets he has made as long as it is for exploration purposes only. 

The problem is, I can imagine man/government wanting to turn another planet into one that has vehicles, air travel, buildings-- one that is like Earth. We have one Earth, and it is our home. There is a reason God made this planet for us-- it has air, water, food and great views. 

So, SHOULD we explore other planets if we are able to? Yes, but only to see more of God's creations. It might seem like a waste of money to just explore other planets or eventually solar systems, but I believe that is the only thing we should do, explore.  

I know people are living separately from others as part of training for a trip to Mars. I have heard NASA is planning to colonize the planet. That is a perfect example of what we shouldn't do. Visit, yes. Colonize, no. I have always had the thought that to think of us being the only life of any kind in the entire universe, is to be conceited. Our planet is but a grain of salt compared to the universe, but it's OUR planet and should remain so.

Written by B K

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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We're here to fix the machine.

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