This Day in History - May 2

May 2

1670 – The Hudson Bay Company is founded

1519 – Painter, sculptor, and architect Leonardo da Vinci dies

1598 – Henry IV signs Treaty of Vervins, ending Spain’s interference in France

1729 – Catherine II, Catherine the Great, Czarina of Russia, is born

1740 – Future President of the Continental Congress who signs the Treaty of Paris, Elias Boudinot is born

1748 – Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle ends the War of Devolution in France

1776 – France and Spain agree to donate arms to American rebels fighting the British

1797 – A mutiny in the British navy spreads from Spithead to the rest of the fleet

1798 – The black General Toussaint Louverture forces British troops to agree to evacuate the port of Santo Domingo

1808 – The citizens of Madrid rise up against Napoleon

1808 – English wife of Charles Darwin, Emma Darwin is born

1813 – Napoleon defeats a Russian and Prussian army at Grossgorschen

1837 – Henry Martyn Robert, a parliamentarian, is born

1860 – British physiologist and co-discoverer of hormones, William Maddock Bayliss, is born

1863 – Stonewall Jackson crushes Joseph Hooker’s flank at Chancellorsville, Virginia

1864 – Composer Giacomo Meyerbeer dies

1865 – President Andrew Johnson offers a $100,000 reward for the capture of the Confederate President

1866 – Physician and yellow fever researcher, Jesse Lazear is born

1874 – John B. Jones becomes a major in the Texas Rangers

1877 – Ballroom dancer Vernon Castle is born

1885 – King Leopold II of Belgium establishes the Congo Free State

1890 – The Territory of Oklahoma is created

1892 – German fighter ace of WWI, Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron) is born

1895 – Lyricist Lorenz Milton Hart is born

1903 – Pediatrician, author and activist Benjamin Spock is born

1918 – GM buys Chevrolet Motor Company

1918 – US, Britain, and France argue over the entrance of American troops into WWI at a conference of Allied military leaders at Abbeville, France

1919 – The first US air passenger service starts

1921 – Indian film director Satyajit Ray is born

1923 – Lieutenants Oakley Kelly and John Macready take off from New York for the West Coast on what will become the first successful nonstop transcontinental flight

1924 – Patrick Mahon is arrested on suspicion of murder after attempting to claim his bag at the Waterloo train station in London. Inside the bag, authorities found a bloody knife. The Scotland Yard detectives found Emily Kaye, Mahon’s mistress, dismembered and her body pieces hidden among hatboxes, trunks and biscuit tins. Mahon claimed he had slipped and struck her head, and he had only dismembered her body to protect his marriage. Officers were forced to pick up the body parts with their bare hands, and this event led to rubber gloves becoming standard equipment for murder scenes in the future. The medical examiner pieced Kaye’s body together, minus her head, and determined that she had been carved up with a knife prior to her death. In prison, Mahon told a fellow inmate that he was burning Kaye’s head on the stove when her eyes suddenly popped open-- much of this crime was bound by myth and legend. He was executed for the murder in 1924

1933 – The modern day legend of the Loch Ness Monster is born when a couple claims to have seen it. The media sensation begins with London newspapers sending correspondents to Scotland and even a circus offering a 20.000-pound sterling reward for its capture. However, stories about the Loch Ness Monster go back 1,500 years around A.D. 500, when local Picts carve the creature into standing stones near Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands-Great Britain’s largest body of fresh water

1936 – Edna St. Vincent Millay’s manuscript, Conversations at Midnight, is burned in a hotel fire on Sanibel Island, Florida. She will recreate the work

1939 – New York Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig benches himself for poor play, ending his streak of consecutive games played at 2,130. He was suffering at the time from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis aka ALS and “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

1941 – Hostilities break out between British forces in Iraq and the country’s pro-German faction

1942 – Admiral Chester J Nimitz, believing that the Japanese will attack Midway Island, visits the island to prepare it

1945 – Russian forces take Berlin

1945 – German troops in Italy surrender to the Allies

1946 – Prisoners revolt at California’s Alcatraz prison

1949 – Arthur Miller wins a Pulitzer Prize for “Death of a Salesman”

1952 – The first scheduled flight of the De Havilland Comet 1 takes place from London to Johannesburg

1957 – Senator Joseph McCarthy, man synonymous with the “Red Scare” and his unfounded accusations against many prominent figures, dies

1960 – Dick Clark concludes his second day of testimony in the Payola hearings, surviving the scandal and altering the course of his career

1964 – An explosion assumed to have been placed by Viet Cong terrorists sinks the USNS Card at its dock in Saigon

1968 – The US Army attacks Nhi Ha in South Vietnam and begins a fourteen-day battle to take it away from Vietnamese Communists

1970 – Student and anti-war protesters at Ohio’s Kent State University, burn down the campus ROTC building, leading to the National Guard taking over the campus

1972 – After nearly five decades as director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover dies

1975 – Soccer star, coach, and model, David Beckham is born

1982 – The British Royal Navy sinks the Argentinian cruiser General Belgrano, killing 323

1985 – Singer and songwriter Lily Allen is born

1989 – The Iron Curtain begins to crumble as Hungary dismantles its border fence

1997 – A sandstorm sweeps across Egypt, killing 12 and causing much damage

1997 – Tony Blair becomes British Prime Minister

2008 – Cyclone Nargis makes landfall in Myanmar, killing more than 130,000 and leaving millions homeless

2011 - *Some records say May 1 – Osama bin Laden killed by US Marines in Pakistan

2011 – President George W. Bush appoints a commission to investigate potential changes to the nation’s Social Security system

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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