This Day in History - April 17

April 17

858 – Benedict III ends his reign as Catholic Pope

1397 – Geoffrey Chaucer tells the “Canterbury Tales” for the first time at the court of English King Richard II

1492 – Christopher Columbus signs a contract with Spain to find a western route to the Indies

1521 – German monk Martin Luther faces charges before the Diet of Worms for his revolutionary religious writings-in which he will be declared an outlaw and excommunicated

1524 – New York Harbor is discovered by Giovanni de Verrazzano

1535 – Antonio Mendoza is appointed first viceroy of New Spain

1622 – Poet Henry Vaughan is born

1676 – Frederick I, King of Sweden, is born

1680 – Saint Kateri Tekakwitha dies

1734 – Thai king Taksin is born

1741 – Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Chase, is born

1758 – Frances Williams publishes a collection of Latin poems

1783 – British Captain James Colbert launches a surprise attack on the Arkansas post of Fort Carlos known as the “Colbert Raid”

1790 – Scientist, writer, printer and statesman Benjamin Franklin dies

1808 – Bayonne Decree by Napoleon Bonaparte of France orders the seizure of US ships

1815 – The Tambora volcano in Indonesia erupts killing nearly 100,000 people both directly and indirectly. It is the largest eruption ever recorded

1820 – Sportsman who developed baseball, Alexander Cartwright is born

1824 – Russia abandons all North American claim south of 54’ 40’

1861 – Virginia becomes the eighth state to secede from the Union

1864 – General Ulysses Grant bans the trading of prisoners

1864 – Confederate forces attack Plymouth, North Carolina

1865 – Mary Surratt is arrested as a conspirator in the Lincoln assassination

1866 – British physiologist Ernest Henry Starling is born

1875 – The game “snooker” is invented by Sir Neville Chamberlain

1882 – Sheriff Pat Garrett’s inauthentic biography An American Life of Billy the Kid, arrives at the Library of Congress

1885 – Danish writer Isak Dinesen, aka Karen Blixen, is born

1895 – China and Japan sign the peace treaty of Shimonoseki

1897 – Novelist and playwright Thornton Wilder is born

1917 – The Second Battle of Gaza takes place-the British trying to capture Gaza from the Ottoman army

1923 – American broadcast journalist Harry Reasoner is born

1928 – Writer Cynthia Ozick is born

1929 – Baseball great Babe Ruth and Claire Hodgson, a member of the Ziegfeld Follies, get married

1936 – A horsehair and a foot-long piece of cord leads to the discovery that John Fiorenza murdered and raped Nancy Titterton, a novelist and wife of NBC executive Lewis Titterton-a crime he would later be executed for

1937 – Daffy Duck makes his debut in Porky’s Duck Hunt

1941 – Yugoslavia surrenders to the Germans

1942 – French General Henri Giraud, who was captured in 1940, escapes from a castle prison at Konigstein by lowering himself down the castle wall and jumping aboard a moving train that was travelling to the French border

1945 – US Lieutenant Colonel Boris Pash commandeers over a half ton of uranium at Strassfut, Germany, in an effort to prevent the Russians from developing an A-bomb

1946 – The last French troops leave Syria

1947 – Jackie Robinson bunts for his first major league hit

1960 – Rocker Eddie Cochran dies in a car accident

1961 – Some 1,400 Cuban exiles attack the Bay of Pigs in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro

1964 – Jerrie Mock becomes the first woman to fly solo around the world

1964 – American singer, songwriter and producer Maynard James Keenan is born

1964 – The Ford Mustang debuts at the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York

1966 – Actor, singer and producer Vikram is born

1969 – Sirhan Sirhan is convicted of assassinating Senator Robert F. Kennedy

1969 – Alexander Dubcek, the communist leader and architect of Czechoslovakia’s Prague Spring, is forced to resign as first secretary by Soviet forces occupying his country

1970 – Apollo 13, originally scheduled to land on the moon, lands safely back on Earth after an accident

1972 – Sri Lankan cricket player Muttiah Muralitharan is born

1972 – The first major antiwar protest is held at the University of Maryland

1974 – Singer and actress Victoria Beckham is born

1975 – Khmer Rouge forces capture the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh

1976 – Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies hits four consecutive home runs against the Chicago Cubs, becoming one of four players in history to accomplish this

1978 – Mir Akbar Khyber’s assassination triggers a communist coup in Afghanistan

1982 – Canada adopts its constitution

1983 – In Warsaw, police rout 1,000 Solidarity supporters

1986 – The world’s longest war between the Netherlands and the Isles of Sicily, ends without a single shot fired

1988 – Sculptor Louise Nevelson dies

2014 – Malaysian politician Karpal Singh dies

2014 – Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies

Written by Crystal McCann

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