This Day in History - February 26

February 26

364 – Valentina is chosen to succeed Jovian in Asian Minor

1154 – William the Bad succeeds his father, Roger the II, in Sicily

1564 – Poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe is baptized in Canterbury, England

1616 – The Roman Inquisition delivers injunction to Galileo demanding he abandon his belief in heliocentrism

1790 – As a result of the Revolution, France is divided into 83 departments

1797 – The Bank of England issues the first £1 note

1802 – French novelist and poet Victor Hugo is born

1813 – New York Patriot Robert R. Livingston, “The Chancellor,” dies

1815 – Napoleon leaves for Elba to start the re-conquest of France

1821 – French diplomat Joseph de Maistre dies

1829 – Creator of blue jeans, Levi Strauss, is born

1832 – Private secretary to Abraham Lincoln, John George Nicolay is born

1846 – Buffalo Bill, William Frederick Cody, is born

1848 – Karl Marx and Frederick Engels publish The Communist Manifesto in London

1852 – American surgeon and co-creator of Corn Flakes, John Harvey Kellogg is born

1862 – Union soldier Elisha Hunt Rhodes visits Washington, DC, during a regular week of winter quarters, logging in his diary about the boredom of the men

1870 – Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from his exile on the island of Elba

1871 – France and Prussia sign a preliminary peace treaty at Versailles

1877 – Cartoonist Rudolph Dirks is born

1879 – American biographer Mabel Dodge Luhan is born

1885 – Berlin Conference gives Congo to Belgium and Nigeria to Great Britain

1893 – Writer, critic, and teacher Ivor Armstrong Richards is born

1901 – Boxer Rebellion leaders Chi-Hsin and Hsu-Cheng-Yu are publicly executed by beheading in Peking

1909 – A series of 21 short Kinemacolor films were presented at the Palace Theatre in London, the first color motion picture shown to the general public in history

1914 – Russian aviator Igor Sikorsky carries 17 passengers in a twin-engine plane in St. Petersburg

1916 – General Henri Philippe Petain takes command of the French forces at Verdun

1917 – President Woodrow Wilson publicly asks Congress for the power to arm merchant ships

1917 – The world’s first jazz record is created, the “Original Dixieland Jass Band,” recorded by “Livery Stable Blues”

1919 – The Grand Canyon Park is established in northwestern Arizona

1920 – “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” the first German Expressionist film, premiers and is considered to be the best silent film of the horror genre

1924 – US steel finds claims an eight-hour day increases efficiency and employee relations

1928 – American singer Antoine “Fats” Domino is born

1928 – 11th Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon is born

1929 – The Grand Teton National Park is established in Wyoming is established

1932 – American singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor Johnny Cash is born

1933 – Ground is broken for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

1935 – Nazi leader Adolf Hitler signs the secret authorization of the founding of the Reich Luftwaffe as a third military service to join the Reich army and navy, and appointing Hermann Goering, commander in chief of the new German air force

1935 – RADAR or Radio Detection and Ranging is first demonstrated by Robert Watson-Watt

1936 – Japanese troops march into Tokyo to conduct a coup and assassinate political leaders

1941 – The British take the Somali capital of East Africa

1943 – US Flying Fortresses and Liberators pound German docks and U-boat lairs at Wilhelmshaven

1945 – Syria declares war on Germany and Japan

1945 – An ammunition dump on the Philippine island of Corregidor is blown up by a remnant of the Japanese garrison, killing most of the Japanese and 52 Americans

1949 – The Lucky Lady II, a B-50 Superfortress, leaves on the first non-stop round-the-world flight

1951 – The 22nd Amendment is added to the Constitution, limiting the Presidency to two terms

1954 – The 25th Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is born

1964 – Lyndon Johnson signs a tax bill with $11.5 billion in cuts

1965 – Norman Butler is arrested for the murder of Malcolm X

1966 – Indian politician Vinayak Damador Savarkar dies

1965 – The first South Korean troops arrive in Saigon

1968 – 32 African nations agree to boycott the Olympics due to the presence of South Africa

1968 – Allied troops who had recaptured the capital of Hue from the North Vietnamese, discover the first mass graves. It will be discovered that communist troops who had held the city for only 25 days, had murdered about 2,800 civilians whom they accused of sympathizing with the government of Saigon, although some argue the number could be as high as 5,700

1970 – Five Marines are arrested on charges of murdering 11 South Vietnamese women and children

1972 – Soviets recover Luna 20 with a cargo of moon rocks

1972 – A dam collapses in West Virginia, and flooding kills 118 people and leaves 4,000 homeless

1973 – A publisher and ten reporters are subpoenaed to testify on the Watergate scandal

1981 – English author Robert Aickman dies

1984 – The last US Marines leave Beirut after serving as part of a multinational peacekeeping mission

1989 – American trumpet player Roy Eldridge dies

1990 – Daniel Ortega, communist president of Nicaragua, is defeated by Violeta Chamorro

1991 – The world’s first web browser, “WorldWideWeb” later renamed “Nexus” is presented to the public by Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist credited with inventing the internet

1993 – A car bomb goes off at the World Trade Center in New York City, killing five and injuring hundreds of others with smoke inhalation

1994 – American comedian Bill Hicks dies

2005 – President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, orders the constitution changed to allow multi-candidate presidential elections


Written by Crystal McCann

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