First Six Months: President Trump Decreased the US Debt by Over $100 Billion

President Trump has reduced the US national debt by $100 billion since he entered the oval office. Compared to Barack Obama’s $900 billion increase during his first six months in office, Trump is delivering on his promise to reduce the national debt.

Trump has achieved many victories, faced some losses, and experienced setbacks, but his improvement on the national debt which almost reached $20 trillion under Obama, has not been talked about by media on either the right or left.

According to the US Treasury, Trump has decreased the national debt by approximately $103 billion, in the first six months of his presidency.


However, Obama increased the national debt by $918 billion in his first six months back in 2009.


Being a business man, it’s no surprise to see Trump put a dent into the national debt. Although he has struggled to deliver on some of his promises, Trump is excelling in areas with which he is most familiar, such as economics, jobs, and immigration.

Written by Christian Montoya

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We're here to fix the machine.

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