The Deadspin Editor vs. Ted Cruz Battle Royale

Making the news this week has been the back and forth between a writer and later the editor of Deadspin and Senator Ted Cruz. For those that are ignorant of such things (like me), Deadspin is a blog/website that reports on sports from a left-leaning perspective. In an article in Politico concerning Ted Cruz's future in the Senate, they revealed that he had begun weekly basketball games with his colleagues in order to foster unity among its members.

In response to this, Deadspin writer Ashley Feinberg, in the article titled "Send Us Proof Of Ted Cruz Playing Basketball"  wrote:

"...Surely some of you reading this must work on the Hill, or know someone who works on the Hill, or know someone who is secretly sleeping in the men’s locker room in the Russell Building on the Hill. Either way, if you happen to snap a few photographs—or better yet, a video—of Ted Cruz in his raw, unbridled, soup-fueled athletic form, please for the love of god send them to"

Deadspin also tweeted out "Send us proof of Ted Cruz playing basketball." To this Ted Cruz tweeted back a picture of Duke's star guard and a young Ted Cruz look alike, Grayson Allen, with the caption "what do I win."


Deadspin then tweeted back the very mature response "@TedCruz go eat s..t"


The following day the exchange was highlighted by various conservative outlets with headlines such as The Washington Free Beacon's "Ted Cruz Owns Deadspin in Twitter Spat, push back" and RedState's "Ted Cruz Owns Deadspin in Hilarious Tweets." I am also sure that Deadspin received quite a pushback on Social Media.

This led Deadspin's editor, Tim Marchman, in an apparent case of severe butt hurt, to send out two Tweets "Unsurprising that not one Ted Cruz-supporting cuck/Twitter user is willing to face me in the UFC octagon." and "Amazing that low-testosterone Ted Cruz enthusiasts are comfortable haranguing but not me, Deadspin's actual editor!"

First Iraq War vet and wounded warrior, losing his right arm from an IED attack, J. R. Salzman responded: "Time and place."

Next up, was Green Beret and MMA fighter, Tim Kennedy, who tweeted: "I'm your huckleberry. I also take note that you are a pathetic cyber bully. My email is I'm available at your leisure."

Thursday morning Tim Kennedy came on Glenn Beck's nationally syndicated radio show to discuss the issue. During the interview, Glenn offered up $50,000 and any proceeds from a pay for view event to the charity of the winner's choice for the fight to happen. In response, Tim Kennedy offered to match the $50,000 prize money.

If you want to get involved I would encourage you to Tweet to Tim Marchman's and to Deadspin's accounts and also to Deadspin's Facebook page. My request is that you keep it respectful and positive, otherwise it will be used against us.


Written by Mark Watkins

Conservatarian blogger living in the Upper Midwest. Strong believer in personal responsibility, smaller federal government and the Constitution in it's original meaning. Articles and thoughts can also be found at

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We're here to fix the machine.

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