This Day in History - August 14

August 14

1457 – A German astrologer named Faust publishes the first book ever printed. He attempted to sell books in Paris and was thrown in jail for it, as authorities saw all of the identical books and assumed Faust had dealings with the devil

1559 – Tristan de Luna, a Spanish explorer, enters Pensacola Bay, Florida

1605 – The Popham expedition settles in present-day Maine

1751 – Mary Blandy poisons her father, Francis Blandy, by putting small bits of arsenic in his food, for disapproving of her affair with a married man who was trying to get at the Blandy family fortune

1756 – Louis Montcalm, a French commander, defeats the British and takes Fort Oswego, New England

1776 – The city of Boston observes the 11th anniversary of the resistance to the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was passed by British Parliament and was a huge factor causing the American Revolution. It represented taxation without representation

1777 – The Danish scientist who discovered electromagnetism, Hans Christian Oersted, is born

1784 – Three Saints Bay becomes the first permanent Russian settlement in Alaska, settled by a Russian fur trader named Grigory Shelikhov on Kodiak Island

1831 – Montana’s “Vigilante X’ is born in the Old West. John X Beidler became part of a notoriously secret vigilante group that systematically hunts down bandits in Virginia City and hangs them

1834 – Author of Two Years Before the Mast, Richard Henry Dana, sets sail from Boston Harbor on a two-year journey that leads to his widely popular book

1862 – The Confederate invasion of Kentucky begins during the Civil War

1863 – Author of the poem, “Casey at the Bat,” Ernest L Thayer, is born

1900 – European allies enter Beijing to relieve besieged troops from the Chinese Boxers

1909 – English engineer and inventor, William Stanley, dies

1917 – War is declared on Germany by the Chinese Parliament

1925 – Author and influential columnist for The New York Times, Russell Baker, is born

1933 – A logging accident sparks a massive forest fire in the Oregon Coast Range Mountains that begins a series of fires that strike at six-year intervals until 1951. The blazes become known as Tillamook Burn

1935 – The Social Security Act officially becomes law

1938 – First woman president of Lincoln University, Niara Sudarkasa, is born

1938 – Australian cricket player and accountant, Hugh Trumble, dies

1941 – Polish saint and martyr, Maximilian Kolbe, dies

1942 – Dwight D Eisenhower is named the Anglo-American commander for the invasion of North Africa known as Operation Torch

1945 – Japan announces its surrender, thus ending World War II

1945 – Award-winning American comedian, actor, screenwriter, musician, Steve Martin, is born

1947 – Pakistan becomes independent from British rule

1947 – The fourth-bestselling author of all time, Danielle Steel, is born

1950 – Cartoonist of The Far Side, Gary Larson, is born

1951 – Famous newspaper publisher, William Randolph Hearst, dies

1956 – German author, Bertolt Brecht, dies

1959 – Basketball player, Magic Johnson, is born

1960 – English soprano, songwriter, and actress, Sarah Brightman, is born

1964 – It is reported that Hanoi is holding air-raid drills out of fear of more US attacks during the Vietnam War

1965 – The Seventh Marines land at Chu Lai during the Vietnam War

1966 – Award-winning actress, Halle Berry, is born

1969 – Sectarian violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics prompts British troops to enter Northern Ireland

1971 – St. Louis Cardinals’ Bob Gibson throws the first no-hitter of his career

1972 – Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark issues a report on his tour of North Vietnam with the International Commission of Inquiry into US War Crimes in Indochina that claims all US POWs he interviewed during his trip were well treated and that if the Democratic candidate George McGovern were elected president in November, all POWs would be freed by North Vietnam within three months

1973 – The US ceases all bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War

1980 – Workers enact a massive labor strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland demanding pay raises and the right to form a union free of communist control during the Cold War

1983 – Ukrainian and American actress, Mila Kunis, is born

1985 – Michael Jackson takes control of the Beatles’ publishing rights

1987 – A major league home run record for a rookie is set by Mark McGwire with his 49th of the season

1987 – Football player, Tim Tebow, is born

1994 – Illich Ramirez Sanchez aka Carlos the Jackal, a terrorist who was affiliated with the Japanese Red Army, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Organization for Armed Arab Struggle is captured in Khartoum, Sudan

1995 – Shannon Faulkner becomes the first female cadet in South Carolina’s The Citadel. She will leave the school a week later under intense scrutiny including death threats

1997 – The Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, is sentenced to death

1998 – A redesigned Michelin Man makes an appearance at the Monterey Historic Automobile Races in Monterey, California to celebrate its 100-year anniversary

2003 – A major power outage occurs knocking out power across the eastern US and parts of Canada, affecting fifty million people. It stopped trains, elevators, cell phone usage and caused wide-spread panic. It was the largest blackout in North American history

2007 – More than 400 people are killed by four coordinated suicide bombings in Yazidi towns near Mosul, Iraq

2010 – First ever Summer Youth Olympic Games open for athletes aged-14-18 in Singapore

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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