This Day in History - February 6

February 6

1626 – Huguenots and the French sign the Peace of La Rochelle

1665 – Anne, Queen of Great Britain, is born

1756 – 3rd US Vice President Aaron Burr is born

1778 – France recognizes the US and signs the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance in Paris

1788 – Massachusetts becomes the sixth state to ratify the Constitution

1804 – British chemist who discovered oxygen, Joseph Priestley, dies

1819 – Stamford Raffles founds Singapore as a British trading port

1820 – The first organized immigration of freed slaves to Africa from the US, departs to Sierra Leone

1840 – New Zealand becomes a British colony

1862 – The Mississippi Valley campaign begins at the Battle of Fort Henry, Tennessee

1865 – Confederate General John Pegram dies at the Battle of Dabney’s Mill, Virginia

1891 – The Dalton Gang commits its first crime by robbing a train in Alila, California

1895 – Baseball great George Herman “Babe” Ruth is born

1899 – The Spanish-American War ends

1900 – President McKinley appoints WH Taft commissioner to report on the Philippines

1904 – Japan’s foreign minister cuts ties with Russia due to delaying tactics in negotiations over Manchuria

1911 – Actor and 40th US President Ronald Reagan is born

1913 – Archaeologist and paleoanthropologist Mary Douglas Leakey is born

1916 – Germany admits full liability for the Lusitania incident and recognizes the US’ right to claim indemnity

1917 – A German submarine torpedoes and sinks the Anchor Line passenger steamer California, off the Irish coast, killing 43

1918 – Austrian painter and graphic artist Gustav Klimt dies

1922 – The Washington Disarmament Conference comes to an end with the signing of a final treaty denying fortification of the Aleutian Islands for fourteen years

1926 – Mussolini warns Germany to stop agitation in Tyrol

1928 – A woman claiming to be Anastasia Tschaikovsky, youngest daughter of the murdered czar of Russia, arrives in New York and holds a press conference.  She will be treated like a celebrity during her stay and over the years will fight in multiple court cases to claim the fortune.  After her death, using DNA testing, it is proven that she is not Anastasia

1929 – Germany accepts the Kellogg-Briand pact

1932 – French film director Francois Truffaut is born

1933 – The 20th Amendment to the Constitution, setting the date of the president’s inauguration on January 20th is adopted

1933 – Politician and civil rights leader Walter Fountroy is born

1933 – Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich begins press censorship

1935 – Board game Monopoly goes on sale for the first time

1936 – The Fourth Winter Olympics are opened by Adolf Hitler

1937 – John Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men is published

1940 – News anchor Tom Brokaw is born

1941 – The RAF clears the way as the British take Benghazi, trapping thousands of Italians

1943 – Benito Mussolini removes his son-in-law, Count Galeazzo Ciano, as head of foreign ministry to take over the duty himself

1944 – The Kwajalein Island falls to US troops

1945 – MacArthur reports on the fall of Manila and the liberation of 5,000 prisoners

1945 – Reggae musician Bob Marley is born

1950 – American actress, singer and songwriter Natalie Cole is born

1952 – King George VI dies leaving Princess Elizabeth to become Queen

1958 – 23 people are killed when a British European Airways flight crashes just after takeoff from the Munich Airport, including eight players from the Manchester United soccer team which had just qualified for the semifinals of the European Cup

1959 – The first microchip is patented by Jack Kilby

1963 – The US reports that all Soviet Union offensive arms are out of Cuba

1964 – Cuba blocks the water supply to Guantanamo Naval Base in retaliation for the US seizing of four Cuban fishing boats

1964 – Paris and London agree to build a rail tunnel underneath the English Channel

1965 – Seven US GIs are killed in a Viet Cong raid on a base in Pleiku

1966 – US President Lyndon Johnson meets with South Vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao Ky in Hawaii

1968 – The 19th Winter Olympics are opened in France by Charles de Gaulle

1971 – Astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball and Edgar Mitchell threw a “javelin” on the moon.  They land in the same crater and remain on the Moon today

1973 – The International Commission of Control and Supervision, the committee delegated to oversee the cease-fire of the Vietnam War, convenes

1975 – President Gerald Ford asks Congress for $497 million in aid to Cambodia

1977 – Queen Elizabeth marks her Silver Jubilee

1982 – Civil rights workers begin a arch from Carrolton to Montgomery, Alabama

1985 – President Ronald Reagan establishes what will become known as the “Reagan Doctrine,” during his State of the Union address.  It was the foundation of his support of “freedom fighters” around the world

1989 – The Round Table Talks in Poland begin, negotiations between the Polish government and the trade union Solidarity

1993 – Tennis champion Arthur Ashe dies of AIDS

1996 – Birgenair Flight 301 crashes, killing 13-all on board

1998 – School teacher Mary Kay Letourneau is sent back to prison by a judge when she is caught violating a no-contact order with her former student Vili Fualaau, with whom she was convicted of raping when he was 12.  When Letourneau is finally released from prison in 2004, the judge lifted the no-contact ban.  Letourneau and Fualaau were married in 2005.  Fualaau’s family tried to sue the Highline School District and city of Des Moines for over $2 million, claiming police and school officials didn’t do enough to protect their son.  A jury ruled they weren’t entitled to any money

1998 – Austrian singer Falco, aka Johann Holzel, dies in a bus crash

1999 – 35th Premier of South Australia, Don Dunstan dies

2001 – Ariel Sharon is elected as Prime Minister of Israel

2007 – American actor, singer and songwriter Frankie Lane dies

2011 – Irish singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Gary Moore dies

2012 – The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II marks the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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