Roger Goodell's contract extension stalled by national anthem controversy: Report

by Washington Examiner

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension, likely worth well over $100 million, has been stalled by political controversy over players standing for the national anthem, according to a new report.

If not for the controversy, the contract extension could have been decided upon at an owners meeting in New York last week, sources told ESPN, saying that the deal still is expected to be completed.

"The anthem issue has overridden everything -- and I do mean everything," a source told the sports news outlet.

Goodell reportedly has earned more than $212 million since he took the job in 2006. A CNN Money report last year said he had an annual salary of $34.1 million.

The commissioner's contract expires in 2019, and an extension is expected to cover as long as five years.

Earlier this month, Goodell said he believed that players should stand for the national anthem, but that the league would not force them to do so. He also expressed an appreciation of the the reason some players were kneeling, in protest of issues such as police brutality.

President Trump revived long-simmering debate over the issue in September by saying at a rally in Alabama that he would like NFL team owners to fire any "son of a bitch" who does not stand for the national anthem.

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