This Day in History - June 9

 June 9

68 – Roman emperor, Nero, dies

1064 – Coimbra, Portugal falls to Ferdinand, King of Castile

1534 – Jacques Cartier sails into the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in Canada

1640 – Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I, is born

1672 – Russian Czar, Peter I, is born

1772 – Colonists, angered by the British Parliament’s passing of the Townshend Acts restricting colonial trade, board the HMS Gaspee, an armed British customs schooner that had run aground off the coast of Rhode Island, and wound the commander and set the ship aflame

1781 – English engineer, George Stephenson, is born

1790 – Civil war breaks out in Martinique

1791 – American playwright and actor, John Howard Payne, is born

1856 – Nearly 500 Mormons leave Iowa City and head west for Salt Lake City carrying their goods and supplies in two-wheeled handcarts

1861 – Mary Ann “Mother” Bickerdyke begins working in Union hospitals

1863 – At the Battle of Brandy Station in Virginia, Union and Confederate cavalries clash in the largest cavalry battle of the Civil War

1865 – Danish composer, Carl Nielsen, is born

1870 – English author, Charles Dickens, dies

1877 – Sculptor, Meta Vaux Warrick, is born

1886 – President Grover Cleveland submits a proposal to the Senate asking to ratify an extradition agreement with Japan

1891 – American composer and lyricist, Cole Porter, is born

1901 – Cartoonist, George Price, is born

1915 – American guitarist and electric guitar innovator, Les Paul, is born

1915 – United States Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigns due to his concerns over President Woodrow Wilson’s handling of the crisis generated by a German submarine’s sinking of the British cruiser Lusitania, in which 1,201 people died, including 128 Americans

1916 – US Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, is born

1923 – Bulgaria’s government is overthrown by the military

1923 – Princess Helena of the UK dies

1931 – Robert H. Goddard patents a rocket-fueled aircraft design

1942 – The Japanese high command announces that “The Midway Occupation operations have been temporarily postponed”

1944 – The Red Army invades Karelian Isthmus in Finland

1945 – Japanese Premier Kantaro Suzuki declares that Japan will fight to the last rather than accept unconditional surrender

1951 – After several unsuccessful attacks on French colonial troops, North Vietnam’s General Vo Nguyen Giap orders Viet Minh to withdraw from the Red River Delta

1954 – At the Army-McCarthy hearings, attorney Joseph Welch asks Senator Joseph McCarthy “Have you no sense of decency?”

1956 – Best-selling crime novelist, Patricia Cornwell, is born

1959 – The first ballistic missile-carrying submarine, the USS George Washington, is launched

1961 – Canadian and American actor, producer and author Michael J. Fox is born

1961 – American screenwriter, producer, and playwright, Aaron Sorkin, is born

1963 – American actor, producer, director, and singer, Johnny Depp, is born

1964 – The CIA challenges the “domino theory” backbone of the Johnson administration policies.  The theory contended that if South Vietnam fell to the communists, the rest of Southeast Asia would also fall “like dominoes,” and the theory had been used to justify much of the Vietnam War effort

1972 – American advisor John Paul Vann is killed in a helicopter accident in Vietnam

1972 – A flash flood in Rapid City, South Dakota, kills more than 200 people

1973 – With a victory at Belmont Stakes, Secretariat becomes the first horse since Citation in 1948 to win the Triple Crown.  He was ridden by Ron Turcotte and completed the 1.5-mile race in 2 minutes and 24 seconds, a dirt-track record for that distance

1974 – Guatemalan journalist, author, poet, and Nobel Prize laureate, Miguel Angel Asturias, dies

1986 – NASA publishes a report on the Challenger accident

1993 – The madam-to-the-stars Heidi Fleiss is arrested as part of a sting operation run by the Los Angeles Police, Beverly Hills Police Department, and the US Justice Department

2011 – Indian painter and director, MF Husain, dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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