This Day in History - December 1

December 1

1135 – Henry I of England dies and the crown is passed to his nephew, Stephen of Boise

1581 – After being tortured, Edmund Champion and other Jesuit martyrs are hanged at Tyburn, England for sedition

1761 – Swiss-born modeler in wax who founded the exhibition on London’s Baker Street, Madame Tussaud, is born

1779 – General George Washington’s army establishes winter quarters at Morristown, New Jersey

1824 – Since no presidential candidate had received a majority of the total electoral votes, Congress decides to turn over the presidential election to the House of Representatives, according to the Constitution, and it is determined that John Quincy Adams will become president

1825 – Alexander I of Russia dies

1830 – The due date arrives for French novelist Victor Hugo to turn in a draft of his book Notre Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame,) although Hugo extends the deadline several times

1847 – Poet Julia Moore is born

1861 – The US gunboat Penguin seizes the Confederate blockade runner Albion carrying nearly $100,000 in supplies

1862 – President Abraham Lincoln delivers the State of the Union address to the 37th Congress

1863 – Confederate spy Belle Boyd is released from prison in Washington

1863 – American humorist and poet Oliver Herford is born

1881 – Virgil, Wyatt, and Morgan Earp are exonerated in court for their part of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona

1884 – Legendary defender of southwestern Hispanos, Elfego Baca, manages to hold off a gang of 80 Texas cowboys who are trying to kill him for arresting Charles McCarthy, a cowboy who shot up a New Mexico saloon

1886 – Writer Rex Stout is born

1896 – Russian general Georgy Zhukov is born

1900 – Kaiser Wilhelm II refuses to meet with Boer leader Paul Kruger in Berlin

1905 – Twenty police officers and 230 guards are arrested in St. Petersburg, Russia for the revolt at the Winter Palace

1908 – The Italian Parliament discusses the future of the Triple Alliance and asks for compensation for Austria’s action in Bosnia-Herzegovina

1909 – President Taft cuts off relations with Nicaragua’s Zelaya government and declares support for the revolutionaries

1913 – American actress Mary Martin is born

1913 – Henry Ford installs the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an entire automobile

1916 – King Constantine of Greece refuses to surrender to the Allies

1918 – American army enters Germany

1918 – The Kingdom of Iceland is established

1919 – A new state is proclaimed in Belgrade, Serbia

1925 – Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Martin Rodbell is born

1925 – 7,000 British troops evacuate Cologne, Germany, after a 7-year occupation

1933 – Nazi storm troops became an official organ of the Reich

1934 – Sergey Kirov, an aid to Josef Stalin, is assassinated in Leningrad

1935 – American actor, writer, and director, Woody Allen is born

1939 – Pro golfer Lee Trevino is born

1940 – Comedian, actor, and satirist, Richard Pryor is born

1941 – Japan’s Tojo rejects US proposals for a Pacific settlement as unrealistic

1941 – Great Britain declares a state of emergency in Malaya after hearing reports of Japanese attacks

1941 – The first Civil Air Patrol is organized in the US

1942 – National gasoline rationing begins in the US

1943 – The Tehran Conference between the US, UK, and the Soviet Union ends

1944 – Edward Stettinius Jr. becomes Secretary of State after the retirement of Cordell Hull

1945 – Singer, songwriter, actress, and producer, Bette Midler is born

1947 – English author and magician, Aleister Crowley dies

1949 – Columbian drug lord whose Medellin Cartel killed thousands, Pablo Escobar is born

1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to sit in the back of a Montgomery, Alabama bus, in defiance against the South’s segregation laws

1958 – Author Candace Bushnell is born

1958 – A fire at Our Lady of Angels School kills 90 students and 3 nuns in Chicago

1958 – The French colony of Ubangi-Shari, gains autonomy from France

1959 – The US and eleven other nations sign the Antarctica Treaty, banning military activity and weapons testing in Antarctica

1964 – President Lyndon Johnson and his advisers agree to a two-phase bombing plan for North Vietnam

1966 – New Zealand film director, producer, and screenwriter, Andrew Adamson is born

1969 – America’s first draft lottery since 1942 takes place

1970 – American actress and comedian, Sarah Silverman is born

1971 – Indian Army recaptures part of Kashmir, which had been occupied by Pakistan

1973 – Israeli politician, David Ben-Gurion dies

1981 – The AIDS virus is officially recognized

1986 – Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North pleads the 5th before a Senate panel investigating the Iran-Contra scandal

1988 – Benazir Bhutto becomes the first woman to serve as Prime Minister of Pakistan and the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state

1989 – The constitution of East Germany is changed by parliament, abolishing a section that gave the Communist Party the leading role

1990 – Channel Tunnel sections from France and the UK meet beneath the English Channel

1991 – The people of Ukraine approve a referendum for independence from the USSR

2001 – Trans World Airlines’ final flight takes place after being purchased by American Airlines

2004 – The defense for Daniel Pelosi presents its case. Pelosi, an electrician on trial for killing his girlfriend’s (and future wife’s) estranged husband, Ted Ammon, a wealthy investment banker. Ammon, whose fortune was reported at $80 million, was found bludgeoned to death at his home in East Hampton, New York. Two weeks later, a jury found Pelosi guilty and he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison

2009 – The Treaty of Lisbon, that forms the constitutional basis of the European Union, comes into effect

2012 – English football player, Mitchell Cole dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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