This Day in History - August 28

August 28

  430 – Algerian bishop and theologian, Augustine of Hippo, dies

1609 – Henry Hudson discovered Deleware Bay

1676 – Metacom, Indian chief King Philip, is killed by English soldiers thus ending the war between colonists and Indians

1749 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, playwright, and novelist, is born

1774 – First American-born saint beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, Elizabeth Ann Bayley is born

1828 – Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, is born

1862 – The Battle of Groveton begins during the Civil War

1864 – During Civil War, Union General Alfred Terry is promoted from Brigadier General to Major General of the US Volunteers

1869 – In the Old West, three men leave John Wesley Powell’s expedition through the Grand Canyon for fear of crossing the rapids. While Powell’s group amazingly survived the journey, the three men who left out of fear were killed by Shivwit Indians

1877 – British co-founder of Rolls-Royce Ltd., Charles Stewart Rolls, is born

1879 – The British capture King Cetshwayo, the last great ruler of Zululand

1882 – First female zoo director in the world, Belle Benchley, is born

1896 – Irish novelist, Liam O’Flaherty, is born

1903 – Austrian psychologist and educator of autistic and emotionally disturbed children, Bruno Bettelheim, is born

1903 – American journalist and landscape designer who co-designed Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted, dies

1908 – Author, Roger Tory Peterson, is born

1913 – Canadian author, Robertson Davies, is born

1913 – Australian cricket player, Lindsay Hassett, is born

1914 – The Royal Navy sinks three German cruisers in the Battle of Heligoland Bight, beginning the first naval battle of World War I

1917 – Women suffragists picket President Woodrow Wilson in front of the White House

1925 – Entertainer, Donald O’Connor, is born

1939 – Journalist and first female to anchor an evening newscast alone on regular basis, Catherine “Cassie” Mackin, is born

1941 – The British capture the German U-boat U-570 and rename it Graph

1941 – More than 23,000 Hungarian Jews are murdered by the Gestapo in occupied Ukraine

1943 – American League Rookie of the Year in 1969, Lou Piniella is born

1943 – 24th Prime Minister of Thailand, Surayud Chulanont is born

1944 – German forces in Toulon and Marseilles, France surrender to the Allies

1945 – Chinese leaders Mao Tse-Tung and Chiang Kai-Shek, of the Communist and Nationalist parties meet in Chunking in a futile effort to avert civil war

1948 – Drummer, Daniel Seraphine, is born

1951 – Singer, songwriter, and actor, Wayne Osmond, is born

1952 – Pulitzer Prize for Poetry winner, Rita Dove, is born

1955 – 14-year old Emmett Till is brutally murdered for flirting with a white woman four days earlier in Mississippi. He was made to carry a 75-pound cotton gin fan, ordered to strip naked, beaten nearly to death, his eye was gouged out and then he was shot in the head, tied to the fan with barbed wire and thrown into the Tallahatchie River by the white woman’s husband and brother. While an all-white jury found his murderers not guilty, creating outrage all across the country, his murder trial brought to light the brutality of Jim Crow segregation in the South and would be a major factor in the African American civil rights movement in years to come

1963 – One of the largest demonstrations in the history of the US, the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, takes place. At the base of the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his iconic “I have a dream” speech

1965 – US forces route the Viet Cong in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War

1965 – Five-time Grammy-winning singer, Shania Twain, is born

1966 – Soviet newspapers report that North Vietnamese pilots are undergoing special training in a secret Soviet air base to fly interceptors against US aircraft during the Vietnam War. At one point in the war, the Soviets supplied 80 percent of all of the supplies reaching North Vietnam

1968 – There is a large clash between police and antiwar demonstrators during Democratic Party’s National Convention in Chicago

1968 – The Democratic National Convention endorses the Johnson administration’s platform on the Vietnam War and chooses Vice President Hubert Humphrey is their nominee for president

1971 – Men’s World Champion figure skater, Todd Eldredge, is born

1972 – During the Vietnam War, President Nixon announces that the military draft will end by July 1973

1977 – Brazilian soccer star, Pele, leads the New York Cosmos to victory during the Soccer Bowl

1979 – Four British soldiers are wounded when the Irish Republican Army explodes a bomb under bandstand in Brussels’ Great Market as British Army musicians prepare for a performance

1981 – John Hinckley Jr. pleads innocent to assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan

1981 – The Centers for Disease Control announced a medical task force to look into the Kaposi’s sarcoma and pneumocystis in homosexual men. AIDS would later found to be the cause

1982 – Grammy-winning singer, Leann Rimes, is born

1983 – Menachem Begin, Israel’s prime minister, announces his resignation

1986 – US Navy officer Jerry A. Whitworth is handed a 365-year prison sentence for spying for USSR

1986 – Israeli Defense Force corporal that was kidnapped and held for five years by the Hamas, Gilad Shalit, is born

1987 – Director, John Huston, dies

1988 – An air show involving military jets at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany results in tragedy. Three jets collide mid-air and fall into the crowd. 69 spectators died and hundreds more were injured

1990 – The bodies of Tracy Paules and Manuel Taboada are discovered at the Gatorwood Apartments near the University of Florida, two days after learning that three female students had been killed and mutilated in two separate locations near campus. An investigation led to the capture and detainment of the wrong man, Ed Humphrey before Danny Rolling was arrested, sentenced and executed

1990 – Belgian writer and illustrator, Willy Vandersteen, dies

1993 – A dam breaks in Qinghai, in northwest China, killing 223

1999 – Prince Nikolai of Denmark is born

2003 – A massive blackout affects half a million in southeast England and stops 60% of London’s underground trains

2005 – Hurricane Katrina reaches Category 5 strength and the Louisiana Superdome is opened as a last resort “refuge” in New Orleans

2006 – Warren Jeffs, the leader of a polygamist sect of the Mormon Church was arrested during a traffic stop in Nevada. Jeffs was facing charges for arranging the marriages between men and underage girls

2012 – Mitt Romney is nominated as the Republican candidate for president at the convention


Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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