Progressives are Nothing More Than Thieves Part 1

Progressives have been around for over a hundred years.

They changed their name from progressive to liberal after they fell out of favor with the general population in the early 20th century. So one of the things they stole was their name. Historically, a liberal was just that with their positions-  they were liberal in relation to what they accepted. Progressives are not accepting or tolerant of anything or anyone with whom they disagree-  hardly the definition of liberal.

They were content to be “liberals” until once again the name had a negative connotation. Hillary Clinton famously said in 2007 she sees herself as an early 20th-century progressive. Remember, progressives gave us the Federal Reserve, the Progressive Income Tax, Social Security, and other big government programs and agencies. 

To me, the definition is simple: Progressives like central planning and taking our tax dollars to attempt to solve problems. The operative word here is “attempt.” They believe people incapable of making their own decisions; the average person is just too irresponsible. They believe that "they alone" are the only ones capable of making decisions for the rest of the nation. They are the antithesis of the founders' vision for the people.

Most importantly, progressives are not the exclusive property of Democrats.



Historically, These early progressives were blood brothers of Europe’s Fabien Socialists. Their true desire was to hammer the globe into their new model of corporate socialism. This stained glass window very nicely depicts their plans and goal.

The first truly progressive president was Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican. Progressives were also the eugenicists and population control advocates of their day as well.

Another thing they steal is liberty, and last, but certainly not least, they steal your money.

Let's look at one of the idols of the modern progressives, Saul Alinsky. While we are aware of his community organizing, most are not aware of how he started.

Alinsky lived in Chicago and was a student at the University of Chicago.  The cafeteria system had a unique billing method. When you ordered, the waitress gave you a ticket that represented what you had, a meal, or just coffee, for instance. One day he stayed for quite awhile and only had coffee. When he went to pay, he claimed he had lost his ticket. They waitress clearly knew he only had coffee and charged him accordingly.

The next day he went to another of the cafeteria’s locations and ordered a meal. When he went to leave and pay, he produced the ticket from the previous day that was only for coffee, 5 cents. Thus for the price of a cup of coffee, he received a full meal. Yes, a common thief, stealing his meal. He then told all his friends and they began to do the same thing.

Community organizing began as a crime, however, it was soon taken to the next level.

Once government implemented this tactic, theft became legal. Of course, if we adhered to the constitution and its founding principles, the progressives would not be able to get a foothold. The progressives employ emotion and envy to accomplish their thievery.  They create a victim class where members are told that everything is "unfair."  They use phrases like "do it for the children,"  "war on women," and "fair share" to manipulate the public and make them "feel," like they are constantly being taken advantage of.  These are just a couple of examples of the typical phrases to gain public support for their crimes.  People are merely victims of an unfair system and world; poor personal decisions are never the problem.

Remember, Saul was a poor student and the college was rich, he deserved the free meal.

wall-street-protrest-occupy-wall-street-eat-the-richAlinsky used the age old Marxist ploy of pitting the rich against the “poor and oppressed.”   This was used to go after money from businesses and companies.

But who has more money than anyone?

Government! Obviously, progressives were already using their power in government. As mentioned, earlier the early 20th century, progressives made huge strides by destroying personal liberty when the personal income tax was enacted.  The 17th amendment, the passing of the Social Security Act, and the Federal Reserve's control of the monetary policy destroyed state sovereignty.

Remember, progressives believe each of us to be incapable of running our lives, we must not be allowed to have the freedom to make the choices we believe to be in our own best interest. They use the lie that we are a democracy to convince the electorate to vote for their own best interest...and they are convinced their best interest is served best by the elites who “know best.”  We were warned that a democracy could never be a long term form of government.

When one segment of society believes they can vote largesse from the treasury into their own pockets, we have become the two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for supper.

When a progressive tells you that college will be free, there are many things left out. They never really explain who pays- it's just free. The reality is that eventually, the person getting the “free college" education, will be paying for subsequent degrees of every other college student for the rest of their lives. Free college choices will be very limited-  community college or a state school, not Rutgers or Princeton. The choice will be further limited as those private schools have to raise their tuition even higher.  

In the end, the elites make the decisions and determine who succeeds, and who does not.

Click HERE for part 2, where I'll discuss progressive programs and the presidents who love them.


Photo Credit: "Bank Robbery In Progress", © 2012 Henry BurrowsFlickr | CC-BY-SA

Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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