CPAC 2017: President Trump Speaks

CPAC 2017 - President Trump Speaks

The speech in its entirety is below, however, I am going to share my feelings here. This is not a news piece; it is my opinion.

Security at the conference was tight but very efficient. Getting into the media section required screening and searches of the equipment, but it went very quickly. The huge room filled, in fact, a wall was moved to allow more inside. An announcement was made that the room was at capacity and that if you left the room, you would not be allowed back in. The word was that there were very long lines outside. No doubt about it, Donald Trump brings “star power.”

The event had the feel of a concert more than a political event. I have been to many concerts over the years, but none had the feeling of the Elvis concert I attended not long before his death. Today was very similar.

I will not go into depth on the details of the speech; you can listen to it yourself. I did not attend a Trump campaign rally, but this felt more like a campaign speech, and indeed sounded like one. The crowd occasionally would shout “build the wall” or chant “USA, USA.” Both the crowd and the president seemed to build on each other.

There were shots at the media and their poor reporting, which is well- deserved. He spoke of illegal immigration, drugs, building a wall, building up the military, and all the normal hot points conservatives love, and each mention was met with a standing and cheering crowd.

The president spent most of his time offering platitudes. I understand the issues facing America are serious ones: healthcare is a mess; illegal immigration is dangerous and expensive; our military has been degraded by budget restraints and rules of engagement' the overall debt and liabilities are out of control, and terrorism is on the rise. The president touched on all these and more.

My take is that if you are an ardent Trump supporter, he spoke to you and you loved every word. As I said, in my day one wrap up, I’m cynical-- show me, and show me in a constitutional way. There are certainly things that can be done or undone, to move towards a more constitutional government. My fear is that people think this or any president can fix our problems.

They cannot, not constitutionally.

Getting worked up and excited is all good. My prayer is that people are taking this energy home and putting pressure on their state and local politicians. This republic cannot survive in the absence of an activist population, holding presidents, congressmen, senators, governors and on down to the local dog catcher accountable.

I am hopeful, I am cautious, and I am ever vigilant. My goal is to make sure you are, as well. The war will never be over; we can never again rest. The enemy is at the gate, and in some cases, inside with us.


Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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We're here to fix the machine.

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