This Day in History - April 10

April 10

1407 – Lama Deshin Shekpa visits the Ming Dynasty capital at Nanjing as is awarded the title Great Treasure Prince of Dharma

1516 – The first Jewish ghetto is established in Venice

1583 – Dutch statesman and scholar Hugo Grotius is born

1778 – Commander John Paul Jones and his crew set sail from France toward the Irish Sea to begin raids on British warships in the first mission of its kind during the Revolutionary War

1778 – Critic and painter William Hazlitt is born

1790 – The US patent system is established

1794 – American naval officer who opened Japan to trade in the west, Matthew C. Perry is born

1809 – Austria declares war on France and enters Bavaria

1815 – Mount Tambora in Indonesia explodes in one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history (VEI-7), killing a minimum of 71,000. The explosion was heard up to 1,200 miles away and caused a “Year Without a Summer” because of the effect on North American and European weather and lead to the worst famine of the 19th century with failing crops and dead livestock due to fallout

1827 – Civil War general, lawyer and author Lew Wallace is born

1834 – A fire at the LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana leads to the discovery of a torture chamber where Delphine LaLaurie regularly tortured slaves. Rescuers found a 70-year old woman trapped in the kitchen during the fire because she was chained up. She admitted to starting the fire to escape the torture and let police to the attic, where they found seven slaves tied with spiked iron collars. During the time, the police did not interfere with wealthy socialites and their slaves. Yet the year prior, LaLaurie chased a small slave child with a whip until the girl fell through the roof of the house and died. Authorities then decided to fine LaLaurie and force the sale of her remaining slaves. However, LaLaurie secretly arranged for people she knew to buy the slaves and then she snuck them back into the mansion later. When word got out about the torture chamber, a mob came for LaLaurie in protest, but she and her husband had fled by boat, leaving an accomplice butler to face the crowd alone. Charges were never filed but her reputation in upper-class society was destroyed

1847 – Politician, journalist, publisher and founder of Pulitzer, Inc., Joseph Pulitzer is born

1849 – The safety pin is patented by Walter Hunt

1858 – “Big Ben,” a 12.76 ton bell is recast in the Tower of Westminster

1862 – Union forces begin the bombardment of Fort Pulaski in Georgia along the Tybee River

1865 – General Robert Lee issues his last orders to the Army of Northern Virginia

1866 – The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is formed

1867 – Irish poet and mystic AE aka George William Russell is born

1879 – Sandor Herz, the future John Herz and founder of Hertz Rental car rentals is born

1880 – US labor secretary and first female cabinet member, Frances Perkins is born

1902 – South African Boers accept British terms of surrender

1903 – Reporter and US ambassador to the Vatican, Clare Boothe Luce is born

1906 – O. Henry’s The Four Million, including short stories such as The Gift of the Magi, is published

1912 – The RMS Titanic begins her maiden voyage that will end in disaster

1917 – Synthetic chemist Robert Woodward is born

1918 – The Congress of Oppressed Nationalities that convened in Rome, Italy, closes after Czech, South Slav or Yugoslav, Romanian and Polish National Committees claim their right to become independent of national States after World War I ends

1919 – Emiliano Zapata, leader of peasants and indigenous people during the Mexican Revolution, is ambushed and killed in Morelos by government forces

1925 – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is published

1930 – The first synthetic rubber is produced

1931 – Poet Kahlil Gibran dies

1932 – Paul von Hindenburg is elected president of Germany

1932 – Actor Omar Sharif is born

1933 – The Civilian Conservation Corps is created in Washington, DC

1934 – Pulitzer Prize-winning author and newspaper correspondent David Halberstam is born

1938 – Germany annexes Austria

1941 – US troops occupy Greenland to prevent Nazi infiltration

1941 – Author Paul Theroux is born

1941 – German and Italian invaders of Yugoslavia set up the Independent State of Croatia, placing nationalist leader Ante Pavelic’s Ustase as leader, essentially forming a puppet Axis regime

1942 – The day after the surrender of Luzon to the Japanese, the 75,000 Filipino and American troops captured on the Bataan Peninsula begin a forced march to a prison camp near Cabanatuan, infamously known as the “Bataan Death March”

1945 – In their second attempt to take Seelow Heights near Berlin, the Red Army launches numerous attacks against the defending Germans. The Soviets gain one mile while losing 3,000 men and 368 tanks

1945 – Allied troops liberate the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald north of Weener, Germany

1947 – Jackie Robinson becomes the first black to play in the MLB, taking the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers

1951 – Journalist David Helvarg is born

1953 – The horror The House of Wax, premiers as the first 3-D film at New York’s Paramount Theater

1955 – Priest, paleontologist, philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin dies

1963 – The USS Thresher, an atomic submarine, sinks in the Atlantic Ocean, killing the entire crew of 129. While tragic, this accident paved the way for modern safety improvements to the sub force, including safety checks, inspections and construction

1965 – Actress Linda Darnell dies

1966 – Author and journalist Evelyn Waugh dies

1971 – The American table tennis team arrives in China

1972 – British film star Charlie Chaplin accepts an honorary Academy Award

1972 – US B-52 bombers begin bombing North Vietnam for the first time since November 1967

1972 – US, USSR and 70 other nations agree to ban biological weapons

1974 – Yitzhak Rabin replaces resigning Prime Minister Golda Meir in Israel

1981 – Imprisoned Irish Republican Army hunger striker Bobby Sands is elected to the British Parliament

1987 – Soprano Hayley Westenra is born

1998 – The Northern Ireland “Good Friday Accord” is reached

2001 – Mercy killings are legalized in the Netherlands

2003 – The US House passes the “Amber Alert” bill, providing a system for alerting the public about missing or abducted children

2005 – Tiger Woods wins his fourth Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club

2010 – The President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, dies in a plane crash

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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