This Day in History - August 12

August 12

30 BC – The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VII, commits suicide

1099 – A thousand Crusaders under the lead of Godfrey of Bouillon, head for Jerusalem as part of an Egyptian relief column at the Battle of Ascalon

1624 – King Louis XIII names Cardinal Richelieu chief minister of France

1676 – Philip, chief of the Wampanoag Indians, is assassinated thus ending King Philip’s War

1687 – The Turks are defeated at the Battle of Mohacs, Hungary by Charles of Lorraine

1762 – The British capture Cuba from Spain at The Battle of Havana in the Seven Years’ War

1762 – George IV, Prince of Wales, is born

1774 – English poet laureate, Robert Southey, is born

1776 – General George Washington orders a retreat to Manhattan by boat as he anticipated, correctly, the British strategy to take New York City and gain control over the Hudson River during the American Revolution

1781 – The designer of the Washington Monument, US Treasury Building, and the National Portrait Gallery, Robert Mills, is born

1791 – Black slaves on the island of Santo Domingo rise up against their white masters

1812 – Joseph Bonaparte is forced out of Madrid, Spain by the British commander, Duke of Wellington

1820 – In the Old West, fur trader, Manuel Lisa, dies

1827 – English poet and painter, William Blake, dies

1851 – The sewing machine is patented by Isaac Singer

1859 – Composer of “America the Beautiful,” Katherine Bates, is born

1863 – In Lawrence, Kansas, Confederate William Quantrill massacres 150 boys and men during Civil War

1864 – Confederate cruiser Tallahassee claims to have captured six Union ships in the Civil War

1865 – British surgeon Joseph Lister becomes the first doctor to use an antiseptic for surgery

1881 – American film director, Cecil B. DeMille, is born

1889 – Creator of the Dick and Jane reading series, Zerna Sharp, is born

1896 – Gold is discovered in Dawson City, Canada (Yukon) that will later influence thousands of Americans to travel to the Klondike to try their luck at digging for gold

1898 – The Spanish American War officially ends

1898 – Hawaii joins the US

1900 – Austrian American chess player, Wilhelm Steinitz, dies

1908 – Henry Ford introduces the world to his Model T

1911 – Mexican circus clown and acrobat, Cantinflas, is born

1924 – 6th President of Pakistan Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq is born

1927 – The Waltons actor, Ralph Waite, is born

1927 – Buck Owens, the country singer, is born

1930 – Hungarian American businessman, financier and philanthropist George Soros is born

1935 – President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Social Security Bill

1937 – Author of Hoops, The Scorpion, and Killer Angels, Walter Dean Myers, is born

1939 – Golden Globe-winning actor of Crime & Punishment, USA, and producer of Love at First Bite, George Hamilton, is born

1941 – French collaboration with Nazi Germany is announced by French Marshal Henri Philippe Petain during World War II

1949 – English singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and composer, Mark Knopfler, is born

1953 – Soviets test “Layer Cake” bomb in Kazakhstan. The bomb was 30 times more powerful than the atomic bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima

1954 – The most Grammy-winning artist (7), Pat Metheny, jazz guitarist, is born

1961 – The erection of the Berlin Wall begins

1964 – Charlie Wilson, part of the robbers from the Great Train Robbery, escapes from prison in Birmingham, England

1964 – The creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming, dies

1965 – Henry Cabot Lodge is sworn in as Ambassador to Vietnam

1969 – The Viet Cong attack American troops at Quan-Loi in the Vietnam War

1972 – The largest strike of the Vietnam War takes place by B-52’s as American troops leave

1973 – Jack Nicklaus, the American golfer, wins the Professional Golfer’s Association championship for his 14th major title, setting a record previously held by Bobby Jones

1977 – The leader of the black consciousness movement in South Africa, Steven Biko, is arrested

1977 – The space shuttle Enterprise makes its first free flight and landing

1978 – The Tel al-Zaatar massacre takes place at a Palestinian refugee camp during the Lebanese Civil War. The Lebanese began a 52-day assault on thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese refugees housed at the refugee camp in Beirut. It is estimated over 1,500 died this day alone

1978 – New England Patriots wide receiver, Darryl Stingley, is hit by Oakland Raiders free safety, Jack Tatum, leaving Stingley paralyzed for life

1979 – Iranian press censors begin staging massive book burns

1981- IBM introduces its first personal computer

1982 – Actor, singer, and producer, Henry Fonda, dies

1983 – Dutch soccer player, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, is born

1985 – Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashes into Mount Takamagahara leaving 520 dead and marking the highest in-flight death toll in history

1990 – Fossil hunter, Susan Hendrickson, discovers the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered

1990 – Italian soccer player, Mario Balotelli, is born

1992 – The world’s wealthiest trade bloc is established with the conclusion of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

1992 – American composer John Cage dies

1998 – Swiss banks agree to pay Holocaust survivors $1.25 billion to settle lawsuits from keeping money deposited by Holocaust victims during World War II

2000 – A Russian Navy submarine, K-141, explodes and sinks during a training exercise in the Barents Sea, killing 118

2005 – Sri Lanka’s foreign minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, is murdered in his home when shot by an LTTE sniper (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam)

2012 – London Summer Olympics closes

2013 – Boston gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger is found guilty of 31 charges including murder, money laundering, possession of weapons, drug dealing, and extortion

2014 – Actress, Lauren Bacall, dies


Written by Crystal McCann

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