This Day in History - June 13

June 13

40 – Roman general, Gnaeus Julius Agricola, is born

323 – The military genius that forged an empire from the eastern Mediterranean to India, Alexander the Great, dies

1381 – During the Peasants’ Revolt, a large mob of English peasants led by Wat Tyler marches into London and begins burning and looting the city.  Prisoners were released and a local judge and other leading citizens were beheaded.  The revolt was a manifestation of discontent stemming from Parliament’s refusal to help its people, many of whom were suffering from the economic burdens brought on by a severe epidemic of the bubonic plague from the 1340’s

1645 – Japanese swordsman and author Miyamoto Musashi dies

1752 – English writer, Fanny Burney, is born

1777 – The Marquis de Lafayette arrives in American colonies to help in their rebellion against Britain

1786 – US Army General, Winfield Scott, is born

1805 – Meriwether Lewis and four men reach the Great Falls of the Missouri River, confirming that the explorers are going in the right direction

1807 – President Thomas Jefferson receives a subpoena to testify in the treason trial of his former vice president, Aaron Burr.  In the Subpoena, Burr asked Jefferson to produce documents that might exonerate him

1831 – Scientist, James C. Maxwell, is born

1863 – Confederate forces on their way to Gettysburg clash with Union troops at the Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia

1864 – The bulk of the Army of the Potomac begins moving towards Petersburg, Virginia, precipitating a siege that lasted for more than nine months

1865 – Irish poet and dramatist William Butler Yeats is born

1884 – English occultist, Gerald Gardner, is born

1886 – Ludwig II of Bavaria dies

1888 – Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, is born

1893 – English detective writer, Dorothy Leigh Sayers, is born

1894 – American poet, writer, and educator, Mark Van Doren, is born

1895 – The first auto race is held from Paris to Bordeaux and back to Paris again

1897 – Finnish runner, Paavo Nurmi, is born

1903 – American football player, Harold “Red” Grange, is born

1905 – New York Giants’ pitcher Christy Matthewson throws the second no-hitter of his career to lead his team to a 1-0 win over the Chicago Cubs

1914 – Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany concludes a meeting with Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, in which the two had discussed the balance of power in the Balkan region

1918 – Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia dies

1920 – The US Post Office Department rules that children may not be sent by parcel post

1923 – The French set a trade barrier between occupied Ruhr and the rest of Germany

1940 – Paris is evacuated as the Germans advance

1943 – German spies land on Long Island, New York and are soon captured

1944 – The first German V-1 buzz-bomb hits London

1944 – 8th Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, is born

1949 – Installed by the French, Bao Dai enters Saigon to rule Vietnam

1962 – Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita is released— a film adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel

1966 – The Supreme Court hands down its decision in Miranda v. Arizona, the case establishing the principle that all criminal suspects must be advised of their rights before interrogation

1967 – President Lyndon Johnson appoints US Court of Appeals Judge Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court

1971 – The New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Department of Defense study of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.  The papers indicated that the government had been lying to the people for years about the Vietnam War and damaged the credibility of America’s Cold War foreign policy

1972 – A tropical depression that would become Hurricane Agnes over the next two weeks forms over the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.  By the time the storm dissipates, billions of dollars in damages occurred and 121 people lost their lives

1973 – Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho sign an agreement calling for an end to all cease-fire violations in South Vietnam

1975 – Linda Ronstadt receives her first #1 hit on the country music charts with “When Will I Be Loved”

1978 – Israelis withdraw the last of their invading forces from Lebanon

1979 – Sioux Indians are awarded $105 million in compensation for the 1877 US seizure of the Black Hills in South Dakota

1979 – Egyptian and Italian singer and songwriter, Demetrio Stratos, dies

1983 – Pioneer 10, already in space for eleven years, leaves the solar system

1986 – Bishop Desmond Tutu meets with South African President PW Botha to discuss the nationwide state of emergency declared by Botha in response to the anti-apartheid protests

2006 – 7th Prime Minister of Ireland, Charles Haughey, dies

2006 – Jurors begin deliberation in the trial of Susan Polk for the 2002 murder of her psychotherapist husband Felix Polk.  Felix was stabbed and cut 27 times and had suffered blunt force trauma to the head.  The couple had been in the process of a divorce at the time of the murder.  Susan was found guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 16 months to life in prison.  She claimed that Felix, whom she had met as a teenager under his care, had raped her and abused her throughout their marriage.  Two of her sons testified against her and the court case was known for Susan’s strange outbursts and behaviors

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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