This Day in History - November 29

November 29

1632 – Bohemian King, Frederick V, Elector Palatine, dies

1682 – Prince Rupert of the Rhine dies

1760 – Britain’s Major Roger Rogers takes control of Detroit

1775 – The Second Continental Congress establishes the Committee of Secret Correspondence to communicate a “Patriot” interpretation of events in Britain’s North American colonies to solicit aid in the American war effort

1777 – The city of San Jose, California is founded

1780 – Austrian wife of Francis I, Maria Theresa, dies

1787 – Louis XVI grants civil status to Protestants via an edict of tolerance

1803 – Scientist known for his explanation of perceived frequency variation of sound and light waves, Christian Doppler is born

1812 – The last of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grand Armee retreats across the Beresina River in Russia

1832 – Novelist, Louisa May Alcott is born

1835 – Empress Dowager Cixi of China is born

1863 – The Confederates withdrawal and thus end the Battle of Fort Sanders in Knoxville, Tennessee

1864 – Colonel John Chivington’s 3rd Colorado Volunteers annihilate Black Kettles’ Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians at Sand Creek, Colorado

1895 – Director, Busby Berkeley is born

1898 – Christian writer, C.S. Lewis is born

1899 – FC Barcelona, the popular football (soccer) club is founded

1900 – Nazi propagandist known as Axis Sally, Mildred Elizabeth Sisk is born

1903 – After an audit of the US Postal Service, it becomes known that the government has lost millions in fraud

1908 – Politician and civil rights leader, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. is born

1911 – German atomic physicist, Konrad Fuchs is born

1918 – American Red Cross nurse Maude Fisher writes a letter to the mother of a young soldier named Richard Hogan, to inform her of her son’s death by pneumonia in an army hospital during World War I

1918 – Writer Madeleine L’Engle is born

1919 – Canadian-American bodybuilder and magazine publisher, Joe Weider is born

1921 – Actress, model, and television personality, Dagmar aka Virginia Ruth Egnor is born

1923 – Charles Dawes leads an international commission to investigate the German economy

1924 – Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini dies

1929 – The first flight over the South Pole takes place by Commander Richard Byrd

1931 – Large estates are seized by the Spanish government for the purpose of land redistribution

1932 – Politician and President of France from 1995-2007, Jacques Chirac is born

1933 – Singer, songwriter, and musician, John Mayall is born

1939 – The Soviets bomb an airfield at Helsinki, Finland

1940 – Jazz musician and composer Chuck Mangione is born

1942 – Coffee rationing begins in the US

1942 – Mother of Barack Obama Ann Dunham is born

1943 – Novelist, Sue Miller is born

1947 – The UN votes for the partition of Palestine and the creation of an independent Jewish state

1948 – The Metropolitan Opera is televised for the first time as the season opens with “Othello”

1948 – The children’s television show Kukla, Fran and Ollie premieres

1949 – The US announces upcoming atomic tests at Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific

1950 – UN troops led by the US begin to retreat out of North Korea under heavy fire from the Chinese

1951 – The Thai military took over the country’s governance and reinstated the 1932 Constitution in a silent coup

1952 – President Dwight Eisenhower goes to Korea to search for a solution to end the Korean War

1955 – Canadian comedian, actor, and TV Host, Howard “Howie” Mandel is born

1957 – Politician, lawyer, and first woman to serve as US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is born

1961 – NASA launches Enos, the chimpanzee, into Earth orbit

1962 – Algeria bans the Communist Party

1963 – President Lyndon Johnson appoints Chief Justice Earl Warren head of a commission to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

1964 – Actor and producer, Don Cheadle is born

1967 – US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara resigns

1968 – The Viet Cong High Command orders an attempt at destroying the Phoenix Program, a controversial, yet effective project in which the CIA used centralized computer intelligence to identify and eliminate Viet Cong top-level infrastructure

1969 – Panamanian baseball player, Mariano Rivera is born

1971 – The US 23rd Division begins withdrawal from South Vietnam

1972 – Atari announces the release of Pong, the first commercially successful video game

1973 – Tony and Obie award-winning actress, playwright and poet Sarah Jones is born

1975 – English race car driver, Graham Hill dies

1981 – Actress Natalie Wood drowns in a boating accident

1986 – Actor Cary Grant dies

1991 – A huge dust storm causes a 100-car and truck collision in Coalinga, California on Interstate 5, that kills 17

1996 – Top Volkswagen official Jose Ignacio Lopez de Arriortua resigns amid accusations of racketeering and industrial espionage

1997 – Grambling State University football coach Eddie Robinson coaches his last college football game

2001 – Beatles star, George Harrison, dies of cancer

2007 – Armed forces of the Philippines besiege The Peninsula Manila in response to a mutiny led by Senator Antonio Trillanes

2011 – Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of singer Michael Jackson, for prescribing propofol, a surgical anesthetic, is sentenced to four years in prison

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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