Last-minute gifts for beer, wine and cocktail lovers

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Christmas is fast-approaching. If you’re in full-on present panic, here are some quick gift go-tos that are sure to please the beer aficionado, oenophile or cocktail lover in your group.


Beer of the Month Club

monthly club

Hook your friend up with a beer subscription for new brews each month.  (Beer of the Month Club)

Get your friend out of their beer rut by letting the Beer of the Month Club pick the brews. There's a wide selection for every pint-discerning palate, like the Hop-Heads collection for the IPA lovers, or the Rare Beer collection for those who are a little more selective about their suds.

Subscriptions from $27.95 per month: Beer Month Club.

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit

beer making kit

Have your friend turn their kitchen into a brewery with these grain-based beer kits.  (Brooklyn Brew Shop)

When the beer snobs in your life can’t decide which craft beer to get, let them make their own. Each all-grain kit makes a gallon of beer, and is designed to be used on a regular kitchen stove. Pick up the popular Everyday IPA for a pleasingly well-balanced and citrusy drink.

Kits from $30: Brooklyn Brew Shop.


Infinite Monkey Theorem Rosé Cans

canned rose

The ultimate stocking stuffer for the wine drinker in your life.  (Infinite Monkey Theorem)

Stockings are better when they’re stuffed with wine. Infinite Monkey Theorem’s canned rosé delivers the fruity sweetness expected of the trendy pink-hued wine, but in a portable can that pairs well with a cheesy Christmas breakfasts and Instagram selfies.

Available $15: Infinite Monkey Theorem.

ONEHOPE California Brut Sparkling Wine Gold Shimmer Edition


This light-bodied bubbly is crisp and refreshing. But it’s the glittery golden bottle that makes it the perfect gift at a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. If the disco ball-esque bottle isn’t enough to put you in a merry spirit, the fact that every bottle sold provides five meals for children in need should.

Available $49: One Hope Wine.

Hornitos Cristalino Tequila

hornitos tequila

This tequila is aged, triple-distilled and smooth.  (Hornitos Tequila)

For your loved one who loves a stiff drink. The 100-percent blue agave is triple-distilled and aged for at least a year, giving this añejo a smooth floral finish that is unlike other tequilas. Tell your loved ones to pour a double and just sip it — and maybe convince them to pour you one too.

Available $29.99: Hornitos Tequila.


New Amsterdam 80-Proof Vodka

New amsterdam

Make your holidays more adult with New Amsterdam's award-winning vodka.  (New Amsterdam)

Nothing says holidays like egg nog and hot apple cider. And nothing says holiday party like spiked versions of the classic warming drinks. The 80-proof, five-times distilled vodka lets you punch up the Christmas spirit without overwhelming the flavor.

Available $16: New Amsterdam.

Liquor Lab Home-Bar Essentials Cocktail Kit

Liquor lab

A complete tool set for aspiring bartenders.  (Liquor Lab)

Gift this to your friend with mixologist aspirations. The kit comes equipped with strainer, shaker, muddler and bar spoon — along with cocktail cheat-sheet recipe cards. Let your friends shake and stir their way to becoming better bartenders, and maybe they’ll even ask for your services as a taste-tester.

Available $36: Liquor Lab.



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