The Gods of the Copybook Headings

The Gods of the Copybook Headings By Rudyard Kipling  – 1919 As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race, I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place. Peering through

Behold Bajalla - Lessons on Imperialism

Operation Bajalla Lessons on Imperialism and such… by John Frost   INITIATE 0.1 - Formulate and draw plans for OperationBajalla Phase I     1.1 - Plant nuclear devices at

Global Warming's Gordian

  Global Warming's Gordian "Not" by John Frost This won't take long. It will all be over before you know it.   I came across this headline in my life-journey last night – &

Sciency Stuff Part 2b: Enlightened Biology and Video-log

The Dialectic of Desire Faith in Atheism: Sciency Stuff – 2b Enlightened Biology and Video-log and Faith in Atheism’s Message – Decoded— A Cry from the Wilderness  A Conservative Diale

Sciency Stuff Part 5: Containment - A Logical Argument

Faith in Atheism: Sciency Stuff Pt. 5 Containment – A Logical Argument  by John Frost   From Part Four: Natural Selection is an evolutionary process. A process that requires something to evo

Faith in Atheism: Sciency Stuff Pt 2 – A Biological Primer    

by John Frost-- A Political Conservative – Anarchist in the realm of grammar The Dialectic of Desire: Faith in Atheism Sciency Stuff Pt 2 – A Biological Primer      A Conservative


We're here to fix the machine


We're here to fix the machine.

We are here to fix the machine. The machine is the federal government that has been fundamentally transformed the serve the elite instead of "We The People". Our goal is to engage our fellow Americans on the battlefield of ideas to discover the most ideal way for our nation to be governed to provide the most security with the maximum amount of liberty and freedom for all American citizens. We welcome all people from all walks of life and ideologies to engage with us. Join us on the battlefield of ideas.

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