How NASA satellites are helping to halt malaria outbreaks

NASA's Earth-observing satellites can track the forces that create malaria outbreaks, and their data will soon help local communities make big strides toward warding off the deadly disease. The Land Data Assimilat

If data is the new oil, are tech companies robbing us blind?

Data is the new oil, or so the saying goes. So why are we giving it away for nothing more than ostensibly free email, better movie recommendations, and more accurate search results? It's an important question to ask

Snake lover found suffocated to death near his pet python, reports say

A snake lover in the U.K. has been found suffocated to death near his pet python, according to news reports.   A Message from Hebrew National Dinner minus the Mom guilt. Back-to-school time mean

Texas doughnut shop offers scary clown delivery

A Texas doughnut shop in is getting showing off their Halloween spirit with a new delivery service.   Hurts Donut in Frisco, TX, is offering a special delivery option for those living nearby – for an ext

Of Django and Junipers

The following was delivered to the student body of Thomas MacLaren School in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Monday, September 25th, 2017. It was Henry David Thoreau who once wrote that he would not want to go to heaven

New pilot program puts nurses in the 911 response chair

Nurses in Las Vegas are stepping out of the hospital room and into the fire and rescue dispatch center. In a pilot program that was started in July, eight nurses are now fielding calls from would-be patients in Las Vegas

West Nile death toll hits 7 in LA County, officials say

Los Angeles County health officials launched a new campaign in an effort to boost awareness for West Nile virus, which has claimed seven lives in the area so far this year. The campaign, "It's Not Just a Bite,&q

We've got to get our priorities straight!

Today on The Blake Johnson Program: National Anthem/NFL hysteria, Understanding priorities and the bigger problems in society other than football, More on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare situation, Pro-life gro


Machiavelli exposing the abusive power of government and international organizations offering assistance. Learning how Paternalism is perpetuating poverty. Has the international war on poverty rescued the poor countrie


Diva takes on the NFL

The #HollowNet LIVE: #TrumpEffect? German Right-Wing #AfD Party Scores! , #ObamaCare betrayal complete?, #TaxReform in our time?

Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and

Mr. Boombastic

This Week: The Boys dive into the explosive exchanges between the president and NK, Blowing up College Admissions and Diversity, and Celebrate the beginning of the end of the world.

Hey Celebs! Get Out of Politics!

Famous people need to stick to entertaining and get out of politics.

Mr. Trump Goes to the UN

America is back and Mr. Trump let the world know it!

Dale Bellis Executive Director of Liberty Healthshare

As Congress continues to squabble over the ACA what if I told you there was another way? Listen to a better way to maintain your freedom from the mess that is the ACA

Socialism in America, “How do you like me now?”

Most of the problems we have stem from the failure to abide by the constitution. Michael discusses some of the problems created by this departure.


President Trump is vindicated as we learn new revelations about the depth of the Swamp.

The Truth The Liberals Want You to Forget

North Korea ... Not Trump's fault It's Bill Clinton's! Iran ... Also not Trump's fault it's Barack Obama's The economy has been crawling for 16 years it isn't rebounding in a few months. The government can't fix your

Donald Trump Takes the UN By Storm

In his first address to the UN as POTUS President Trump pulled no punches and took no prisoners. Say what you want but in some parts of the world they only understand strength and I can honestly say I'm glad he didn't ho

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - Kevin & Sam Sorbo!

We are thrilled to welcome Kevin and Sam Sorbo back to the show! Appearing together, Kevin and Sam have put together an amazing movie being released on October 27th - Let There Be Light. Directed by Kevin and co-written

Donald Trump storms the UN

Donald Trump storms the UN and slams socialism, North Korea's 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un, and the UN's efforts to promote prosperity.

Hillary is Still Refusing to Accept Reality And....

a crazy thing happened to Nancy Pelosi aka #JurassicEraBarbie at a DACA rally also live breaking news regarding the Russia investigation

ALT-Aggressive Liberal Tendencies

Talking about the Alt-right and Alt-Left. Talking about Antifa Talking about the inconsistencies of people hellbent on equality Talking about Steven King's IT vs Trump's locker room banter. Talking about jobs availab

The #HollowNet LIVE: #ConstitutionDay #DACA Implosion & Politics by Rick & Morty?

Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and

The Worst Generation Ever

The Belles are back after a week off thanks to Hurricane Irma mucking up their plans-- Getting right back into the swing of things, the Belles talk SJW madness, suggesting U.S. soldiers and veterans should be prevented f

The Burning Passions

This week the boys go LIVE on Facebook! Diving into DACA, North Korea and potential ways out for America, & Climate change as a crime?

Founder's Keep, Convention of States and a republic in peril

Michael recording this podcast live at the Kansas State Fair discusses Founder's Keep and their mission, the efforts of the Convention of States Project, bizarre comments by Nancy Pelosi and upcoming Constitution Day.

Progressives Democrats Socialists go on the offensive!

Progressives Democrats Socialists go on the offensive! and their battlefield is "Single Payer" healthcare. Socialist Bernie Sanders is leading the charge. What will Trump and the Republicans do in response? Will they buc

BattlefieldLIVE remembers 9/11; talks Trump's latest moves

we remember 9/11. Where are the 9/12 Americans? I know you are out there. We also discuss the latest storm to hit the United States and how the grassroots beat FEMA to the rescue. We also have the co-host and self-procla

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - NEVER FORGET

To memorialize the 16th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Behind Enemy Lines Radio wants no one to ever forget what happened that fateful day in 2001. Gene recounts his own personal story of that day, and plays

Remembering 9/11 and hard truths

Today on The Blake Johnson Program: Remembering the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on our nation, Who are we today? President Trump lurching to the left on DACA and the debt ceiling, How does all of thi

Street Car Name DACA

Talking about HARVEY, IRMA. The devastation and our needed prayers. Talking about the looters during these natural disasters. Talking about DACA. Proposing strict precepts to reconcile the problems raise but DACA. Pl

The #HollowNet LIVE: #StopPoliticizingDisasters, #PresidentTrumpsWar & Netflix's "Death Note" Review

Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and

Methods of Madness

Last week the Boys were Hijacked this week it is ALL HANDS ABORT!!! What does a Methodist pastor, Planned parenthood, and a Goonie have in common? here is a hint: Not Jesus.

Hurricanes, fires, housing crisis, debt...what’s next?

Michael discusses the threat of natural disasters and how they affect people, their lives and the national economy. Debt, reckless spending and a congress that only cares about buying votes for their next election.

Trump joins with Democrats to increase Debt Ceiling

Was the Debt Ceiling deal made with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a good deal? Did Donald Trump just send a message to McConnell and Ryan? Was Harvey aid politicized to get Debt Ceiling raised? Hurricane Irma hammers St

Let the DACA Flip Flops Begin!

So we found some audio from Chuckie Schumer in 2009 talking tough on immigration. DACA has been rescinded per AG Sessions and now the Ball has been put in Congress' court by POTUS. I'm not sure I agree with his choice o

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - DACA Repeal FALLOUT

You wanna know about DACA? Check out Behind Enemy Lines Radio! We unpackaged what DACA is, What the Trump administration did this week in repealing it, and what it means politically and in real world terms. Gene also goe


We're here to fix the machine


We're here to fix the machine.

We are here to fix the machine. The machine is the federal government that has been fundamentally transformed the serve the elite instead of "We The People". Our goal is to engage our fellow Americans on the battlefield of ideas to discover the most ideal way for our nation to be governed to provide the most security with the maximum amount of liberty and freedom for all American citizens. We welcome all people from all walks of life and ideologies to engage with us. Join us on the battlefield of ideas.

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