First Six Months: President Trump Decreased the US Debt by Over $100 Billion

President Trump has reduced the US national debt by $100 billion since he entered the oval office. Compared to Barack Obama’s $900 billion increase during his first six months in office, Trump is delivering on his

Canadian Baby May Be First to Be Registered Without a Gender

A Canadian baby, Searlyn Atli, may be the first baby to be identified as neither male or female on their health card. One of the baby’s parents is Kori Doty, a non-binary transgender person, and Doty is asking t

PETA Says Milk Represents White Supremacy

PETA, the animal rights organization, published a new video that claims milk symbolizes white supremacy, and people who drink it could mean they’re racist. The group posted the video on their Twitter a

Woody Allen Betrays Liberals in New TV Series

Woody Allen takes on the counter-culture of the 1960s in his new TV series, where he mocks the left’s politics and highlights how dysfunctional they can be. Allen, a filmmaker and comedian, has al

Snoop Dogg Advocates Violence Against Police and President Trump

American rap artist, Snoop Dogg, released his latest music video, where a clown named “Ronald Klump” gets shot with a plastic gun, and a cop wearing clown make-up shoots a man smoking weed. In the song, Sn

White Privilege Does Not Exist

Americans are constantly told by liberals they live in a racist country where minorities are unfairly exploited and oppressed economically, socially, and politically. The left claims white people are using their privileg


We're here to fix the machine


We're here to fix the machine.

We are here to fix the machine. The machine is the federal government that has been fundamentally transformed the serve the elite instead of "We The People". Our goal is to engage our fellow Americans on the battlefield of ideas to discover the most ideal way for our nation to be governed to provide the most security with the maximum amount of liberty and freedom for all American citizens. We welcome all people from all walks of life and ideologies to engage with us. Join us on the battlefield of ideas.

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